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The Diet Solution Recipes

Review of The Diet Solution Program Recipes


The Diet Solution program is much more than a healthy new diet.  It focuses more on proper nutrition and eating healthy, and less on what you shouldn’t be eating or how unhealthy your choices have been in the past.  In retrospect, the food offered in the Recipe Book (titled “The Diet solution Recipes”) look to have not only a strong basis in nutrition, but also look very delicious – the venus factor secret.

the diet solution recipes

The Diet Solution Recipes

This book has many recipes, with something for even the most discerning appetite.  The recipe choices contain whole sections on vegetable, fish and eggs dishes, but also touch on staple foods, like poultry and beef.  All of this aside, the thing that intrigued me the most was that this recipe book opens up with a beverage section, yes…beverages!  While it’s not uncommon for dietary guidebooks to include shakes and juice mixes to help as meal alternatives, this one speaks about a tea based fruit beverage to take the place of the body’s desire for sodas.  As a health enthusiast, I am very aware that soda intake is a growing concern with most parents, and it is often difficult to find something that younger members of the family will find just as satisfying to their palette. This juice mix not only helps to satisfy those cravings but also manages to do so with fewer calories and little or no caffeine (depending on the tea you use).  It is also a fraction of the cost of traditional name brand sodas.

Continuing deeper into the book, you will easily notice another startling trend, the recipes inside its pages are not only nutritional and delicious, they are all relatively easy to make.  The ones that would be on the more difficult side, such as the “Roasted Garlic-Stuffed Rib Eyes”, are made easier to make by the fact that the directions in this guide book are written for the average person, not the highly skilled chef.  They use words and phrases that are part of everyday language, instead of baffling you with overly complicated terminology in hopes of confusing you into believing they know what they are doing.  It’s as if they have chosen to let the food speak for itself, which in my opinion, is always the best way to do it.

The only thing this book didn’t do for me is to tell me which meal I should make first.  I had such a hard time deciding, that it almost didn’t get made at all – but that’s hardly the book’s fault!  I’d simply worked up such an appetite reading through all the succulent pages, the smells and images of the food in my brain simply wouldn’t let me decide which one I really wanted to try first.  I enjoyed the book’s variations on classic dishes so much that I wouldn’t be able to recommend another diet program recipe booklet to anyone over this one… but then again, this isn’t a diet – it is a diet solution.

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