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The Diet Solution Plan

The Diet Solution: Using the Metabolic Type Test for a Happier, Healthier and Thinner You

Dieting should be easy and maintainable.  The absolute best way to go about any sort of dieting regimen is to pay attention to your body’s needs.  When you want to lose weight, diet and exercise may sound harsh but if you modify your diet, and don’t deny yourself, to include moderation, whatever plan you try will be more successful.

In this era of enormous fast food meals, which contain too many of the bad ingredients that hinder the body’s proper functioning process, restaurants are contributing to making it more difficult for a person to modify their food intake.  It would be great if all you had to do was subscribe to moderation to lose weight.  It’s not quite that easy.  First and foremost, you have to determine what type of metabolism you have.

The Diet Solution Program is a comprehensive program that even goes so far as to give you tools to determine what type of metabolism your body has.  Each person’s body is unique and even when you determine what type of metabolism you have, tweaks may still be necessary.

The Metabolism Type Test, a guide in conjunction with the Diet Solution Program, begins with a test of 25 questions to help determine if you have one of 3 metabolic rates; Protein, Carb or Mixed Type.

Protein Types crave fatty, rich foods such as sausages, salty nuts and pizza.  Usually these people love food.  Carb Types more than likely will have a weaker appetite.  This type of person is usually happy with a small amount of food each day.  Mixed Types require an equal balance of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.  This may be the easiest type because more food choices are available but it is also the hardest type since trial and error is necessary to figure out the balance the body needs.

A Protein Type person tends to feel hungry, or even ravenous, even after a large meal.  Protein Types have a harder time with carbohydrates because they are generally burned faster.  Some people even tend to crave sugar after they’ve eaten too many carbs.  A Protein Type person is best served with a higher protein diet, such as eggs and beef, which have been considered to be on the unhealthy side in the past.

Carb Types essentially have a moderately hard time even remembering to eat.  Nutritional problems can result from this because not eating properly sends the metabolism into starvation mode and, therefore, ultimately leads to weight management problems and even obesity.

Because Mixed Types require varied types of foods to satisfy them, they must incorporate every type of food into their diet.  Healthy food is the best policy, though.  Mixed Types also have a tendency to sway one way or the other; meaning that a Mixed Type may be more of a Carb Mixed Type or a Protein Mixed Type.

It is important to understand that no matter what type you are, listening to your body’s needs and cravings is essential for a happier, healthier and thinner you.  If you do it right and follow the Metabolism Type Test, along with The Diet Solution Program, the pounds will begin to fall off, literally.

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