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The Diet Solution Book

Total Review of the Diet Solution Book

The Diet Solution book

The Diet Solution book

The Diet Solution is less of a diet program and more of a nutritional education system.  It focuses on the mindset that one has to be in to achieve success without self-sabotaging the process.  I also notice that instead of telling you what you can’t eat, it focuses more on what you should be eating based on your type metabolism, so that you can achieve positive results with minimal restructuring of your overall life.

To me, the thing that sets this program apart from other diet and nutrition systems is the approach that The Diet Solution takes in educating the common individual.  The creators seem to have adopted the viewpoint that people should be talked to as peers and individuals, as opposed to talked down to.  If the average person can’t understand the terminology your using, then they’re most likely not going to finish reading the book and will not receive the information you are trying to send.  This text does not treat the reader like a scientist, or like a child, but it is almost as if you’re having a conversation with your neighbor.  It ‘speaks’ to you in easy to follow terms and walks you through the science as if it were a long lost friend explaining where they’ve been.

When The Diet Solution book breaches the subject of the three steps to weight loss, it lays them out in a straightforward easy to follow path so that everyone can understand the reasons why this is an optimal way to successfully reach your goals.  It helps you figure out your body’s energy needs, then walks you through a simple process of deciding what you want to eat and shows you how each meal can help build on the last.  Then after you have put all this thought into how you are going to achieve your goals, it helps you understand which foods are best going to help you do that and why they work.  In the end, even though the book has provided all the information, the choices were yours every step of the way.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this essential guide for success breaks down the science and facts of calories – how your body uses and stores the different types of calories – and explains the difference between weight loss and fat loss.  With this helpful information you can feel reassured that you’re on the path to a successful overhaul of your entire dietary lifestyle.  In the end, not only will you achieve your goals of weight loss, but you’ll also find you have more energy and in a sense a whole new lease on life.  It’s no myth that healthier people are happier, nor is it a myth that they live longer.  The end result, as long as you take the time to learn from this book, can only be positive.  Everything we learn makes us that more capable of deciding what is and is not healthy for us in the long run.

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